Broadcaster Vin Scully Portrait Session

Take Us With You, Vin Scully

When the GOAT hangs it up this weekend, we’re losing a lot more than just a golden voice.

The Ignorance Cure: Easy Ways to Avoid Having Your Own Aleppo Moment

Because no human being should be made to look like a contestant on "Celebrity Jeopardy."
ACL Fest Skyline-2015-Suzanne_Cordeiro-Jim_Chapin_edited-HEADER

WATCH: Live Stream the First Weekend of ACL Fest, the Best Little Festival in Texas

Crack a few Lone Stars and tune in live.

PREMIERE: OY Travels to a New Planet on “Space Diaspora”

The avant-garde Berlin duo drops the 3D video for their latest single.

LISTEN: Kate Bush Shares the Concluding “Prologue” to Her Forthcoming Three-Disc Live Album

“Before the Dawn” was compiled from her residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, and will be out December 2 via Concord/Fish People.

PREMIERE: According to The Olympians, “Apollo’s Mood” is Kinda Funky, Kinda Chill

The dude with the world on his shoulders is taking it pretty easy.

PREMIERE: The Mowgli’s Reach for the Skies on “Spacin’ Out” for Original Tracks

Keep your head in the clouds with the LA sextet.

PLAYLIST: Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster Has a Set of Short Stories for You

The Oxford, Mississippi singer-songwriter shares the tracks that inspired his new literary new album, “Constant Stranger.”

PREMIERE: PAPA Take You to Church in “Comfort’s a Killer” Video

From the band’s new album “Kick at the Dust.”

The Brangelina Cure: Relationships That Will Restore Your Shattered Faith in (the Noble Lie That Is) True Love

Brad and Angelina are Brangelinathingofthepast, but rather than brooding upon the ephemerality of romantic relationships or the fragility of human projects as a whole, let’s celebrate, instead.

The Back Pages: Tom Tykwer and The Wachowskis’ “Cloud Atlas”

The 2012 film adaptation of David Mitchell’s grand story has its share of flaws, but it exceeds Mitchell’s work in the novel’s grandest ambition: being a moral work of art.

PREMIERE: Aan Turn Things Around Thanks to a “Hollywood Buyout” from Former UMO Drummer

Dada Distractions, produced by former Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Riley Geare, is out November 18.

LIVE: Brainfeeder Takes the Hollywood Bowl on a Head Trip (9/17/2016)

Flying Lotus, P-Funk, T-cat, and more packed out the Bowl on Saturday night.

The Opposite of Death and Diarrhea: On Pamela Adlon’s “Better Things”

On a network overflowing with jaded takes on everyday life, “Better Things” stands out as a show that’s serious about its laughs.

“Basic Witch”: Just in Time for Pumpkin Spice Season, a Perfectly Acceptable “Blair Witch Project” Sequel

Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard’s sequel does right by the 1999 original, but doesn’t go much farther.

PREMIERE: Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster Communes with “The Dirt, The Bells, and I” in Perfectly Constructed Folk Single

The Water Liars singer steps out on his own.

Kinds of Crying: On Identity and Frank Ocean’s Three Versions

The singer’s new suite of works—”Blonde,” “Endless,” and “Boys Don’t Cry”—exists on its own terms, turning his understanding of fluid identification into an aesthetic.

The Hosts Are Leaving Us Cure: Friendly Faces to Ease the Transition Into a Mel and Sue–less World

“The Great British Bake Off” is losing its two lovely hosts, but [author has something in eye, pauses, swears, composes self, resumes] there are more where those came from!

PREMIERE: And Now, A Special Message for the Far-Right from The Peep Tempel

“In Tony’s little factories of misguided pride, entitled greed / Blunt skulled foreman ring their bell, parading with their fear to sell.”

Born Again: Preoccupations Reintroduce Themselves

After their strong debut found them playing to passionate crowds, controversy over the Calgary band’s original name caused them to retreat and regroup. Now they’ve returned with a new name and a second debut record that might be darker—and more powerful—than the first.

PREMIERE: Trails and Ways Make Change Appealing Again in “Get Loud”

The Oakland duo will release their new LP, Own It, on October 7.



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