The Delayed Launch Cure: A List of Currently Streamable Classics

The launch of the new TCM/Criterion streaming service FilmStruck got pushed to November, but that doesn’t mean that we have to wait to get our share of quirky classics.

A Little Bit of Everything: “The Handmaiden” Offers Gothic Romance, Horror, Comedy, and More

The "Stoker" director returns with a complex, compelling (and carnal) genre tour.

PREMIERE: Honus Honus Wants to Introduce You to “Vampires in the Valley”

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage with the Man Man frontman.

Fly to New Orleans, See AlunaGeorge, Get a New Bike, Don’t Pay for Any of It

The “Mean What I Mean” singer plays the Smoothie King Center with Sia and Miguel on November 3.

Beyond the Great American Novel: On “The Underground Railroad”

Colson Whitehead’s latest novel brings America’s subterranean history up into the light.

PREMIERE: Girl Tears Go on a Tear in “Panic Attack”

Got a minute?

The Creepy Clown Cure: A Celebration of Some of Our Most Basic Fears

Enough with creepy clowns, slender men, and other viral freak-shows. Let’s focus instead on more enduring horrors.

Entertaining Complaining: Kyle Kinane’s “Loose in Chicago”

The Windy City–bred, LA-based comedian takes on the joys of concealed carry and Laotian honeymoons in his new Comedy Central special.

Breaking: Shovels & Rope

For the married duo behind the Charleston, South Carolina, Americana act, there is no line between music and life.

PREMIERE: The Meditative Metal of True Widow’s “FWTS:LTM” Gets an Equally Aching Video

The Dallas “stonegaze” trio released their latest album “AVVOLGERE” via Relapse last month.

PREMIERE: Model/Actriz Get Physical in Video for Visceral “3/3”

The Boston threesome bring new meaning to the term “power trio.”

In Conversation: Director Justin Tipping Talks “Kicks”

In the Bay Area director’s debut, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and is now getting a digital release, a pair of Jordans is worth more than its price tag.

Coming Attractions: The Makings of the Modern Movie Trailer

The man who whetted your appetite for some of the best films of the past twenty-five years tells us how a preview comes together.

The Bastard People of Christopher Guest

Exploring the director’s universe with Fred Willard, Bob Balaban, and Ed Begley Jr.

Transcendence Is Key: Two Disrupted Nights with David Lynch

Downtown LA’s Theatre at Ace Hotel played host to the director’s Festival of Disruption this weekend.

PREMIERE: Fight Your Post-Debate Malaise with Navy Gangs’s “Mondays” Video

From the New York-via-Omaha group’s self-titled EP.

The “One Month Until the Election” Cure: Luxuriating in Pop Culture’s Quiet Preambles

It’s a little more than a month until the United States will have an election that has the capacity to literally make Donald Trump the most powerful man in the world. But right now, today, we simply wait. We are not there yet. And these first acts celebrate that vibrating moment before the plot thickens.

PREMIERE: New Madrid Serve Up a Psychedelic Burger in the “Not Up to Me” 360º Video

From the band’s latest album, April’s “MAGNETKINGMAGNETQUEEN.”

American Land: Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers Sets His Sights Beyond the South

On their eleventh LP, our finest chroniclers of life below the Mason-Dixon explore the duality of the American thing.

PREMIERE: Real Numbers Are Here to Give You a Jingle-Jangle Morning with their “Wordless Wonder” LP

Four dudes from Minneapolis are ready to step into the spotlight.

PREMIERE: Animal Lover Rattle Your Bones in “Nathan’s Nitrates”

The Twin Cities trio Animal Lover released their debut Stay Alive in September, but they’ve hardly slowed down since. The band recently wrapped an eleven-city tour through the…



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