Twin Shadow, “Eclipse”

Twin_Shadow-2015-Eclipse-Cover_ArtTwin Shadow

How much does one heart have to share? If you ask George Lewis, Jr. (a.k.a. Twin Shadow), the answer will probably be somewhere near infinite. With this latest full-length, Lewis attempts to create an album more confessional than Confess, Eclipse’s immediate predecessor. It’s this sincere approach that has defined Twin Shadow since the beginning, but Eclipse’s sleek production values and sonic turn towards mainstream pop have slightly buried that message under massive synth structures with suave guitar hooks. Unlike Twin Shadow’s previous releases, Eclipse is an album of singles, epitomized by “To the Top,” a song that could go toe-to-toe with any of the hardest-hitting arena anthems from the ’80s. Album highlights “Watch Me Go” and “Half Life” best demonstrate Lewis’s talent for forging songs that are both catchy and creative, but these spark-filled numbers are too few and far between to truly move Lewis to the top.


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