The Go! Team, “The Scene Between”

The_Go_Team-2015-The_Scene_Between-Cover_ArtThe Go! Team
The Scene Between

The sound of fizz, a soda being poured most likely, opens The Scene Between, the first new offering in four years from Brighton’s The Go! Team. It’s an apt foreshadowing of the songs to come, as the album is the poppiest, fizziest, concoction from the indie outfit yet. Now back to its original line-up of one, The Scene Between was created soup to nuts by founding multi-tasker Ian Parton, with vocals courtesy of a cast of fine enthused singers. That concept was one of many that shaped this album; others including having non-musical sounds—such as the aforementioned fizz—begin each track, and using different production methods on each song. The result is fun and charming, with standouts include the LP’s title track and “Did You Know?.” The Scene Between is upbeat, organic, musical, and experimental—a 1950s AM radio filtered through a Tarantino spaghetti western. Far out, yet oddly comforting.


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