Matt and Kim, “New Glow”

Matt_And_Kim-2015-New_Glow-Cover_ArtMatt and Kim
New Glow

For the vast majority of their decade-long career, Matt and Kim have written songs that provide a quick burst of excitement initially, but can become quite grating after a while. Five albums in and the pair haven’t changed a thing; New Glow is more of a mixture of their previous efforts than anything novel or different. From the hip-hop beats that were prevalent in Sidewalks to the use of big brass sounds and overly simplistic lyrics of Lightning, the pair has done it all before. Instead of something fresh and exciting, New Glow leaves listeners with a collection of songs bland enough for commercials and begging to be remixed for any new life. It’s true that Matt and Kim know how to create catchy melodies, but lyrics like “I look like a king with a hoodie on” are way too lame to be effectively hidden by even the greatest synth line on earth.


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