LISTEN: Paul Bergmann Premieres Delightfully Nostalgic New Single “Old Dream”

The "Old Dream"/"Summer's End" 7" is out May 5 via Fairfax Recordings

There’s something comforting in a well-crafted folk song. A strong message conveyed through delicate and detailed instrumentation can leave even the most hardened heart a bit softer. In under three minutes, Paul Bergmann‘s brand-new single does just that, by transporting listeners to a melodic and calming state of mind.

It’s not easy to equally evoke comparisons to crooning legends of late ’60s/early ’70s, but with “Old Dream” the Massachusetts-born and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter succeeds without sounding like a parody or knock-off. This penchant for music with a vintage leaning might have something to do with one of Bergmann’s coproducers on this track, retro-soul singer-songwriter Nick Waterhouse.

With just enough distortion on his vocals, a driving jangly rhythm guitar, and softly swelling strings, “Old Dream” is a quick jaunt into the whimsical recording techniques of the past, while still creating an endearing track that feels fresh.

“Old Dream” is the A-side of Bergmann’s upcoming 7″ that you can pre-order now, which includes the endearing track along with B-side “Summer’s End.” The vinyl, as well as the digital single, will be available on May 5 via Fairfax Recordings.


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