LISTEN: Hear Clips of Two Never-Before-Heard Songs by Beck

"Woe Unto Me" and "Sweet Satan" are One Foot in the Grave outtakes.

Since releasing the Grammy Award–winning album (and one of our favorites from 2014) Morning Phase last spring, Beck Hansen has been keeping busy by appearing at award shows, releasing glitchy and dancey stand-alone singles as well as the Song Reader record, and hanging out with St. Vincent at Taylor Swift’s LA show. In between these very prominent events and milestones, Beck probably has to clean his house once in a “Blue Moon” (sorry). While rummaging around his closet (we assume full of excellent outfits from his past music videos), Hansen’s bound to stumble upon a treasure trove of never released music. Well, what do you do with that kind of stuff? Give it to your friends, of course.

That’s where Jason Lee comes in. The actor/skateboarder/photographer has been friends with Hansen for a very long time, and for his guest edited issue of Australian surf/skate magazine Monster Children, Lee called on all his friends to help him out. Beck dusted off two unheard tracks from his 1993 One Foot in the Grave recording sessions and gave them to Lee to release as a limited edition 7″ vinyl. Both tracks—”Woe Unto Me” and “Sweet Satan”—feature (a very young sounding!) Hansen accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

You can hear clips of both unearthed tracks below, but you can only get them in full here.

“Woe Unto Me”

“Sweet Satan”


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