Fine Dining: Taco Bell to Open “Cantina” Locations that Will Serve Alcohol

Case zero will unravel in Chicago next week.

Traditionally, a night out begins with the drinking and then ends at the Taco Bell (and like a snake eating its tail, you wonder the next day where exactly the cycle of bad decisions began), but soon you will be able to consolidate your evening into one economical destination.

Starting in Chicago next week, Taco Bell will begin unrolling new “Cantina” locations, which will offer a select variety of booze options (wine, beer, sangria, and frozen hangover-machines called “Twisted Freezes”) and “tapas-style” dishes, in addition to the standard, CCR–approved options already on the menu. The franchise has said that a San Francisco location near the ballpark is next, and that they hope to ultimately open eight more “Cantinas” over the course of the upcoming year.

This move indicates an inevitable shift for the “Mexican food” chain, slowly igniting their transformation into a Medieval Times–like dining experience that combines the two most popular aspects of going to Taco Bell: food that you can eat with your hands and watching people get into fistfights.

(via The Los Angeles Times)


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