WATCH: Visit Devil Town in the Trailer for “Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston”

The short film, which was executive produced by Lana Del Rey, premieres online November 11.

Details of Daniel Johnston’s troubled, inspirational life were covered extensively in 2005 with the feature-length documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston, but Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston is a different type of project altogether.

With funding from a successful Kickstarter campaign, filmmaker Gabriel Sunday put together this experimental fifteen-minute short film starring himself and Daniel Johnston, in which the two of them represent past and present. Lana Del Rey, who was a backer of the project, is credited as an executive producer, and can be heard covering Johnston’s classic “Some Things Last a Long Time” in the trailer. You can watch that (and decide whether or not it holds a candle to Built to Spill’s cover) below.

Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston is out online November 11.

(via The Guardian)


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