WATCH: Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s SPF 50 Water Park Adventures and Drama in Video for “Quail and Dumplings”

Slather on the sunscreen and prepare for a wet and wild adventure.

Don’t hang up your bathing suits just yet! Bonnie “Prince” Billy is inviting you to the “Quail and Dumplings” Wet & Wild Water Park! At least, that’s kinda the premise of his new video for the single off his latest album Singer’s Grave a Sea of Tongues. The track itself has a bouncy melody as it goes through the journey of people trying to stay optimistic despite not knowing when their next meal will be. The video, is a little different, but still has the juxtaposing emotions of happiness and grief. As one does during a day flying down waterslides and hanging out in the lazy river.

But really, how could you say no to an ad like this!? It’s hilarious watching two bearded dudes (one being Will Oldham himself) having very different experiences at the water park. You just don’t know how a trip like that is going to turn out. And really, there are just no words to describe the hilarity of how this all goes down. You’re just going to have to watch for yourself and remember why you’re glad those family trips to the local water park don’t happen anymore.

Singer’s Grave a Sea of Tongues is now available on Drag City.

We had so many favorite moments from the video, so please enjoy the gallery below.


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