King Krule’s Archy Marshall Announces New Photo Book, Documentary, and Soundtrack

The new project documents the lives of Archy and his younger brother Jack.

Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, is releasing a new photo book called A New Place 2 Drown, which chronicles the lives of the gravely-voiced songwriter and his younger brother Jack in south London. The new book will be accompanied by a ten-minute documentary (see the trailer below) and a twelve-song soundtrack released under Archy’s given name. It all comes out on December 10 via True Panther/XL.

You can preview the book and songs from the soundtrack on the official website, though be advised: to hear the new tunes, you’ll have to prove your fealty to the King by clicking and holding the “music” tab on the bottom of the page. The music stops if you let go and loops back to the beginning. As Archy himself says, “The brain lives on but the vibes are dead.”

A New Place 2 Drown cover



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