WATCH: Float Along in the “Catalina Breeze” with Fred Armisen and Bill Hader of The Blue Jean Committee

"A bar stool intellectual...a master's degree in small talk..."

Earlier this year, we were told the fake story of Fred Armisen and Bill Hader‘s faux ’70s yacht rock band The Blue Jean Committee on IFC‘s Documentary Now! Today, the “band” released another dose of engineered nostalgia in the form of a music video for the title track from their recently released mini-album, Catalina Breeze.

It’s a grainy collage of heavily cross-faded super 8 footage that’s shot through with rays of pure AM gold. Bask in the watery chords, smooth croons, and shaggy brown hair of The Blue Jean Committee below, via Esquire, and look for their Catalina Breeze 12″ out now on Drag City.



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