Just in Time for the Holidays, Crystal Pepsi Is Making a Return (Sorta)

Available in the (overwhelmingly preferred) sweepstake form only

With the central issue of this generation obviously being the horrifyingly slim amount of soda options available, Pepsi has been quite busy of late doing everything that they can to keep our tastebuds from getting bored. First, there was the revival (or would it be invention?) of Pepsi Perfect—the soda that Marty McFly orders in Back to the Future Part II—and, as recently hinted, now there is the second coming of the universally beloved Crystal Pepsi. Except only kinda.  

In keeping with the preferred soda-acquiring method of millennials everywhere (“How do you do, fellow kids?”), Pepsi is only making the soda available via an app (Pepsi Pass, which you can read more about here). The basic idea is that you earn points by helping Pepsi market their own product (i.e. referring friends to the app, hanging with friends who have it, or by visiting “Pepsi Pass locations”), and once you “earn” enough, you can enter the sweepstakes. In two days, Pepsi will choose 13,000 winners to receive a six-pack of the nostalgia beverage, which is set to be delivered by December 24. Merry Christmas, you filthy animals, and a happy New Year.

(via The A.V. Club)


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