WATCH: The Tanner Family Tries to Open a Door in “Fuller House” Teaser

Life is full again.

The nostalgia train just keeps on rolling thanks to Netflix. The latest revived sitcom that’s getting the streaming treatment is early ’90s mega-hit Full House. Aptly titled Fuller House, the whole gang—minus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Michelle—is back in San Francisco to learn lessons, have heart-to-heart chats, and get into some zany situations.

According to Netflix, the official plot of Fuller House seems like the natural progression of life in crazy modern times: “The Full House adventures continue when D.J. Tanner-Fuller calls upon her sister, Stephanie, and her friend, Kimmy, to move in and help raise her three boys.” This one sentence synopsis is more than we get from the show’s first teaser trailer, which just tugs on all of our aging heartstrings with glossy (but empty) shots of the original program’s opening sequence and familiar voices spouting off old catchphrases from behind a locked door.

Watch it below and get ready for the wave of Tanner family wisdom in February.

All episodes of Fuller House will be available on February 26, 2016.

(via Fuse)


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