DJDS, “Stand Up and Speak”

Stand Up and Speak

On the duo’s second album, Stand Up and Speak, DJDS (formerly known as DJ Dodger Stadium) create dynamism out of repetition and make meaning out of small things. Amongst the looping beats and samples, even the tiniest change takes on immense significance. A bit of acceleration or syncopation seems to manipulate time itself, and a slight crescendo or echo seems to alter the very fabric of a song. DJDS knows how to yield these subtleties to create a powerful sensory experience. The result is a record that immerses its listeners in a different and complex world. At times, the album seems to develop a bit of a split personality, as demonstrated by the jarring transition from the ominous, chant-driven “No Guarantees” to the bright party banger “Stand Up and Speak,” but nonetheless the album remains fairly cohesive, linked by rich textures, creative sampling, and thoughtful production.


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