Keanu Teaches Us To Learn From Our Dreams, Inevitably Reminds Us How To Love In Newest Reddit AMA

Technically, he’s promoting John Wick, which is out October 24.

Now that Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series has launched into a certifiably powerful tool for any celebrity looking to do PR while still in pajamas, the open Q & A forum has become a hotspot for compelling insight into the lives of the rich, famous, and/or interesting. And while the unique insight of the platform has proven to be problematic for some (cough Woody Harrelson cough), it has also managed to function as a powerful heart-melting device when in the hands of suspiciously charming personalities, like Keanu Reeves, who’s currently doing the press cycle for thoroughly entertaining shoot-em-up John Wick.

Last week, The One returned for his second AMA, effectively confirming what we learned from the previous go-round: namely, that he is one cool dude. Most unfortunately, we did not get a solid update on what he’s currently listening to (a year ago it was Metz and LCD Soundsystem), but we did get to hear from him regarding his strangely animated opinions on food and drink (apple juice for breakfast?), how he misses George Carlin, what he’s learned from Flea, and of course, even more opinions on food and drink (SPAM is “fantastic”). Oh, and he also kind of explained the meaning of dreams. Woah.

Read the whole thing here.


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