PREMIERE: Andy Ferro Sips “Sugar and Milk” on Lo-Fi Solo Debut

The Ranch Ghost guitarist conjures up a few specters from his tape machine.

Andy Ferro was born in London, but he lives in Nashville, where he plays lead guitar in the band Ranch Ghost. While that band shakes up the kind of noise you need to make to get the honky-tonkers turning your way, Ferro’s solo works is decidedly more hushed. “Sugar and Milk” is the lead single from his debut solo LP Muirhead, and we’re pleased to be premiering it today.

Ferro recorded “Sugar and Milk” by himself on a tape machine, and while the song’s genesis certainly shows in its murky production, all that grime is part of the charm. His vocal melody, which undulates along with the bassline, feels comfortable and worn in, as if it’s been wandering through the ether for a few decades and Ferro happens to have been the one to pluck it. Indeed, there’s a sense of easiness to “Sugar and Milk”—that’s “ease” as in comfort and friendliness—that ekes its way through the song, from that loping melody to the wheeze of organ that threads through the second verse. Give it a listen below.

Muirhead is out February 26 via Rough Beast.


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