WATCH: Get Involved in Santigold’s “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” Music Video

99¢ is out this Friday via Atlantic.

Santigold is about to drop her third full-length album on Friday. What better way to celebrate the impending release of 99¢ than with a technologically advanced music video of the album’s breakout hit “Can’t Get Enough of Myself”?

In the video, which is the first to use computer/phone cameras to superimpose the viewer into the piece in real time, the multi-talented musician wanders through her day thinking about herself. She’s also got you on the brain, as seen by her visions of the viewer in her coffee, on her toast, and in her rear view mirror. It’s hilarious, innovative, and jarring. The clip also shows us how far technology has come since the days of mall kiosk birthday videos that incorporated our favorite foods (McNuggets!) and books (magazines!) into predetermined storylines.

Strike a pose with Santi in the “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” video here99¢ is out this Friday via Atlantic.


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