PREMIERE: Pop into the Minds of Doug Tuttle in the Video for “A Place for You”

It Calls on Me is out now via Trouble in Mind.

Doug Tuttle, formerly of the New England psych-folk group MMOSS, went solo a few years ago, and has sounded very comfortable in his own shoes ever since. His 2014 self-titled debut was a move toward shaking some of the snow off his back, and for his just-released sophomore album, Tuttle has stepped into the springtime sun.

Sounding sorta like Graham Nash produced by White Fence, the half-hour of It Calls on Me has the feeling of something that you might hear at the end of a surrealist film, perhaps as a hot air balloon drifts into the distance. If you’re still with me after that description, you’ll be delighted to find that the video for album opener “A Place for You”—which we have the pleasure to premiere—makes good on some balloon imagery of its own. Directed by Ty Ueda, the video is a projected visualization of different parts of the song, poofing up one moment, and then popping away the next.

It Calls on Me is out now via Trouble in Mind.


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