PREMIERE: Keep It Cool with Paul Bergmann in the Dreamy “Ocean Song” Video

His Romantic Thoughts EP is out now via Fairfax.

Now more than ever, the music circuit is dog-eat-dog, and the challenge as a listener is to not miss anything when ninety-five percent of the headlines are about Drake. There’s a possibility that Paul Bergmann might’ve snuck past your radar last year when he released his Romantic Thoughts EP or his “Old Dream” 7″, but every blip he made in the process (partially aided by a wonderful duet with Emily Kopal of Warpaint on the track “Wishing Song”) was surely a strong one.

With careful patience, Bergmann is circling back to his EP with the release of a new video for “Ocean Song.” Directed by Rufus Paisley, the visuals are as smooth as you would expect from an artist like Bergmann, and as colorful as you’d expect from a director named “Paisley.”

Mr. Paisley offered up these words to contextualize the collaboration:

Paul and I actually grew up together in the same small town in western Massachusetts, so I think Ocean Song brings up a lot of nostalgia in me for that reason, which probably accounts for the retro vibe of the video. The lyrics evoke the past as well, but also stretch out towards the future. I wanted the video to echo this push and pull, and so what I ended up with almost stands still, but hopefully feels like something really really big, moving really fast, just seen by something too small to notice.

The Romantic Thoughts EP is out now via Fairfax.


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