PREMIERE: Surf Mars with The Galaxy Electric in Their “Please Come Home Soon” Video

Space-age sadness from the nation's capitol.

The Galaxy Electric are the mono-monikered DC duo of Jacqueline and Augustus, a pair of dusky composers and arrangers with a penchant for vintage synths and melodies that crisp up like burnt sugar. Their sound is a kind of kitschy take on retro-futurism; on first listen, taking one of their songs—like, say, “Please Come Home Soon,” whose video we’re pleased to be premiering today—for a spin is a bit like wandering the aisles of a novelty shop specializing in vintage sci-fi posters and Jetsons figurines. It’s a mélange of exotica.

But there’s more going on here than those signifiers would suggest. The brittle synths and gentle surf of bass aren’t meant to point knowingly at the past, as if there’s some kind of cheeky kick inherent in playing out-of-date sounds in 2016. Instead, the locked-in arrangement ebbs with a distinct and palpable sadness. “Please come home soon,” Jacqueline sings in the chorus, and it’s hardly a girl-group lament; it’s a genuine plea, sent up into orbit in a lonely voice. Turns out there’s a dark and empty heart at the center of those space-age bachelor pads.

“Please Come Home Soon” is taken from the group’s forthcoming album Everything is Light and Sound, which they’re releasing themselves this Saturday. You can check out the video and the album’s track list below.

Everything is Light and Sound

1. Relaxation Tapes Vol. 1 The_Galaxy_Electric-2016-Everything_is_Light_and_Sound
2. Calm Down
3. Temporal
4. Lux Lux
5. Luminosity
6. Dreamland
7. Buchla Coconut
8. Murder in the Garden
9. Nightmares
10. Goes Around Comes Around
11. Doorbell
12. Please Come Home Soon

Everything is Light and Sound is out June 18. You can preorder it here.


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