PREMIERE: Cody Crump Teaches You How to “French Kiss,” Dance in New Video

In case you don't already know. Seems like pertinent info.

Look, French kissing is great. Kids as young as like thirteen know this. But as any young-teen comedy will tell you, it’s not an intuitive way of expressing your feelings. How are you supposed to move your tongue? Where are your hands supposed to go? How hot and heavy is too hot and heavy? And all of those questions are presupposing that you’ve made yourself sufficiently presentable; what if you have bad breath or your lips look sad and limpid?

Truly, these are dilemmas, and they’re made urgent by today’s date—chances are, you’ll be kissing someone tonight. Fortunately, your man Cody Crump is here to help you out. The LA musician is dropping a new EP on March 17 (another particularly piquant holiday, you might have noticed) entitled Hola, and today we’re premiering the video for “French Kiss.” Sure, the track is great—imagine Serge Gainsbourg discovering house and Stereolab without losing his randy bon vivance—but the video finds Crump and a paramour demonstrating the how-tos of making out in a way that’s not sexy, really, but helpful.

If you were planning on having a forty-clove garlic soup tonight, you may wanna click “Play” below. Should you find yourself sufficiently informed, pick up Hola via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. 


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