PREMIERE: Lovely Bad Things Are the Love You’re Searching for in Their New EP “Homebodied”

The group’s latest is out March 31 via Burger.

Located firmly in between Los Angeles and San Diego, the city of La Mirada, California, has a lot of garages. Lovely Bad Things were born out of one of those garages, presumably, and it would probably also be fair to say that they must’ve played Weezer’s “In the Garage” a decent amount of times while they were in there honing their sound.

The Weezer reference point aside, however, it might actually be more apt to compare Lovely Bad Things’ sound to The Rentals—Matt Sharp’s project that he started after he cut ties with Rivers Cuomo and Co.—given the quintet’s mixture of low-key vocals with deceptively big-time choruses featured on their latest EP, Homebodied. It’s an easy-going set tinged with a sharp edge—angst filtered through a suburban lens. And it’s out on Burger this Friday, but you can stream the whole thing below.


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