PREMIERE: Top Down Spread Their “Silver Ashes” in Video from Tour with Fred and Toody of Dead Moon

Rough Roads is out now via Voodoo Doughnut Recordings.

Sadly, Fred and Toody retired the Dead Moon name after drummer Andrew Loomis died last year, but legends that they are, they’re soldiering on as a duo, performing their brand of bare, dirty rock ’round the world with sets filled with classics from across their discography. On their recent European tour, the band brought along Top Down—an internationally-based, Portland-organized trio that channels the Dead Moon legacy with their no-bullshit approach and sound (being a trio in Portland helps make that connection as well).

To seal the deal, Fred Cole recorded and produced Rough Roads, Top Down’s debut, as well as their new 7″ single, giving them both one of those impossible-to-date vibes—they could just as easily be from 1987 as 2017. (No word if he mastered them with the lathe from The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie”—which is an actual thing that he owns.) The whole gang made it back to Oregon in one piece, so now Top Down is toasting the experience with a video culled from their time in Bielefeld and Hamburg, Germany. You can check that video out below.


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