PREMIERE: Saro Comes of Age on “Boy Afraid”

The title track from the LA-based neo-R&B singer's forthcoming EP is as woozy as it is danceable.

The enigmatic LA electronic hero Saro continues his recent singles series leading up to the release of his forthcoming Boy Afraid EP today with the unveiling of the record’s woozy title track. Creating buzz in his hometown and beyond on the festival circuit, and in an opening slot for Miguel, Saro’s latest track is a dancier companion to the jittery “Vapor,” the frantic “Eyelids,” and the introverted “Sky Doesn’t Blue” released earlier this year. The warm synths soak the vocalist’s neo-R&B falsetto in the same confidence that inspires the track’s lyrical dismissal of childish behavior in favor of a more realistic future.

“There comes a moment when you realize the illusion of that perfect life the media tries to sell doesn’t actually exist,” explains Saro. “I will shed these force-fed inadequacies, the fear and self-doubt constructed by societal expectations…eventually.”

“Boy Afraid” and its three predecessors will see a cohesive release with two additional tracks as the Boy Afraid EP, to be released December 15. A more developed affair than last year’s In Loving Memory, Saro channels less of the melancholy character of his namesake and focuses more on a better tomorrow.


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