WATCH: Madi Diaz Plays a Powerful Acoustic Performance of “Pictures”

Her heartfelt song gets a quiet alternate version.

From Pennsylvania to Boston to Nashville to Los Angeles, Madi Diaz has experienced a whole lot of heartbreak along the way, and she has the voice and songwriting talents to tell her stories in a way that demands attention. Her latest album Phantom is filled with songs that beg to be sung aloud because of how much they resonate with collective, shared life experiences. One moment you might find yourself dancing to the infectiously catchy “Stay Together,” while the next you’ll be yelling the words of angry breakup anthem “Mess.” For now, you can pour your heart out with Diaz as she sings this lovely acoustic version of her hauntingly ethereal “Pictures” that we’re premiering below.

About the song, Diaz says, “I wrote this song trying to cast out some memories. The lyrics and song read like a story line, kind of unraveling the plot of a moment. The melody is searching and reaching for understanding much like I was at the time.”

The power of the song elevates the backdrop of the performance—in truth, this song could be performed anywhere and still have a powerful effect. One thing we couldn’t help noticing is the picture taped up to Diaz’s guitar. “The picture is an old Polaroid of my dear friend Kyle Ryan, who was and still is a major collaborative partner for me for about six years,” she explains. “The picture was taken just after we made a big move together from Boston to Nashville. Some serious golden years!”

Diaz hasn’t stopped moving since the release of Phantom in September. She’s been out on the road supporting bands like X Ambassadors and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.—and is currently on tour in the Midwest, stuck in the middle of a snowstorm. Diaz and band will be heading back to Los Angeles for a sort of hometown headlining show at the Troubadour on December 8.



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