We’re Giving Away a Flyaway for Lollapalooza Featuring Festival and FLOODfest Passes, Hotel Stay, Airfare, and More

Attention, everyone not already in Chicago! Come kick it with us for Lolla and FLOODfest Chicago—and go on a $500 Original Penguin shopping spree.

No word if Peter Frampton will be back with his giant inflatable pig, but if you haven’t made it to Hullabalooza—er, Lollapalooza, that is—by now, you’re really screwing up. But whether you haven’t made it yet or are simply looking to go back again, then you’re in luck, bub, because we’re teaming with Original Penguin to present a deluxe Flyaway prize package for this year’s fest.

In addition to two passes for all four days of Lolla, we’re also including a four-night stay at a TBD hotel (it’ll be nice, we promise), as well as airfare into—and, eventually, out of—the city. Once you’re there, you’ll have general admission tickets for all four days of Lolla, as well as VIP passes for our very own FLOODfest Chicago, which is going down on Saturday, August 4, with St. Vincent playing a DJ set, along with full-band sets from Just Loud and a very special headlining act to be announced soon. Oh, and there’s also a $500 Original Penguin shopping spree in it for ya, too.

The contest is 21+, and ends at 12:00 p.m. PST on Monday, July 20 (the complete rules available to read here). You can enter by entering your info below.


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