WATCH: Killer Mike Delivers Impassioned Speech on Michael Brown and Ferguson from St. Louis

"I knew it was coming... I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day... I have a twenty-year-old son and a twelve-year-old son and I am so afraid for them."

Last night, shortly after county prosecutor Robert McCulloch handed down the news that a twelve-person grand jury would not be indicting charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August, Run the Jewels took the stage in St. Louis.

Fulfilling his stage name, Killer Mike made an emotional and passionate speech to the crowd. “No matter how much we do, no matter how much we get shit together, shit comes along that kicks you on your ass and you don’t feel like a champion. Tonight I got kicked on my ass,” he began. Fighting through tears, Mike offered his thoughts and prayers to the people protesting peacefully, as well as those “who cannot hold their anger in because riots are only the language of the unheard.”

The five-minute speech is worth all of your time.


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