PREMIERE: Ian St. Pé Gets Vérité in “Spun and Spurn” Video

The ex–Black Lip tells the story of the Fixed Focus track through grainy home-video footage.

After a decade on lead guitar for Atlanta’s foremost garage rock band, Ian St. Pé began looking in a new direction following the release of the Black Lips’ 2014 record, Underneath the Rainbow. What immediately followed was a sophomore record with the John McCauley-led supergroup Diamond Rugs and, ultimately, his debut solo record under the moniker Saint Pé a little over a year ago.

Today he’s sharing an ominous vérité video for the Fixed Focus highlight “Spun and Spurn,” a late-album burner not entirely removed from his past life with the Lips. Of the video, Ian has this to say:

The video is a depiction of Mother Earth (little girl), The Devil (man), disease (dogs), and life (boy in wheel chair). We all can and hopefully will try our best in life but at the end of each persons existence…some will win and others will loose…life is not fair.

Fixed Focus is out now on Ernest Jenning Record Co.


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