PREMIERE: Real Friends Are Thinking “Me First” in New Video

Composure is out now via Fearless Records.

For the most part, Halloween is simply an exercise in dressing up like Drake and calling it a year, but there is still a very small degree to which the holiday is supposed to be about scaring you, what with all the fake blood and weapons and such. And it appears that someone close to Real Friends is taking the whole scaring—and, well, in this case murdering—aspect of Halloween to heart, in the video for their song “Me First,” from the new album Composure. Just a reminder for all you kids out there: It’s all fun and games until your viewing of Halloween becomes a reenactment of Scream.

Anyway, it seems pretty gnarly, having your band butchered on film, but to bassist Kyle Fassel, it was actually a lightening of tone for the pop-punk group:

We went with a more lighthearted and cinematic approach than in our past videos. Have you ever wanted to see our heads cut off? Well, look no further. Enjoy.

You can check it out below.

Composure is out via Fearless Records.


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