LISTEN: Twin Shadow Drops New Single, “Turn Me Up”

George Lewis Jr. returns with a promising new track and a cryptic message.

Twin Shadow, Los Angeles’s synthpop king, just dropped his newest single “Turn Me Up.” The nearly three-minute track is a lush slow jam that comes hot on the heels of Lewis’s signing to Warner Bros. records, and is a likely sign of what to expect from future TS releases.

“Turn Me Up” has the sort of slick production quality and suave vocal stylings we’ve come to expect from Twin Shadow. As for what the song is really about, Lewis remains very mysterious:

I think it’s important to let people take what they need from songs instead of explaining too much about what they mean for me personally. But my friends keep asking, “Turn me up,” what’s that mean? I keep saying, Take more from me. Ask more of me. Give me more back. Stop fighting against the things you want the most.

Try and crack the code for yourself by pressing play on the track below.


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