H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman Want To Sell You Artfully-Curated Mystery Sacks

Their Flotsam General Store offers a much-needed “post-structural online shopping experience.”

Comedians H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman are perhaps most well-known as the voices of Bob and Gene Belcher on the TV show Bob’s Burgers (and in Benjamin’s case, as the sacred voice of Sterling Archer on Archer), but the duo have now teamed up in the three-dimensional world to create a full-on “enterprise” that specializes in selling…well, nothing in particular.

Known as the Flotsam General Store, this online marketplace only has one product currently for sale: a forty-dollar “Mystery Sack” filled with “hand-conceived assorted items” chosen by the Flotsam Design Team. Basically, all that’s known is that if you send Benjamin and Mirman money, they’ll send you stuff. And if you’re wondering about returns, their policy on that is, “Ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha.”


Check out the General Store site here, and best of luck to those of you who decide to place an order, you brave, brave souls.



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