Illuminati Hotties Get Honest on “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog”

Before taking the stage at FLOODfest, the “tenderpunk” outfit share a relatable single about love at first pet.

Breakups are hard; but separating yourself from your partner’s pet is even harder. Illuminati Hotties seem to be well aware of this phenomenon, as their latest single—and first new music since last year’s Tiny Engines debut Kiss Yr Frenemies—is more an homage to a one-time date’s canine companion than it is to Iggy Pop. “One time I went on a date with someone I met through a dating app,” frontwoman Sarah Tudzin told Billboard about the origins of “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog,” a staple of their recent live shows. “Their dog was much cuter than they were.”

You can check out the song below (complete with some stellar Corgi footage), and make sure to catch Illuminati Hotties when they grace the FLOODfest stage next Tuesday afternoon at SXSW (RSVP and full schedule here). As far as any news of dating-app type services specifically for meeting up with local singles’ dogs? We can’t help you there.


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