PREMIERE: Kate Teague Starts a Fire with “In Our Element”

Bridging the gap between classic indie rock and Kacey Musgraves country, this Alabama native weaves a quiet magic on her new slow-burning ballad.

Alabama native Kate Teague’s “In Our Element” is one of those songs that quietly taps you on the shoulder at a noisy, messy house party and saves the day with an unexpected turn of grace and a smile amidst the chaos. Listening to it for the first time hit these ears with the same kind of wonderment as Kacey Musgraves’ “Slow Burn,” thick with a palpable ache that hurts so good. 

“I wrote this song in response to completely misinterpreting someone’s body language at a series of parties,” Teague explained about her latest song, which is still among the first handful of gems that she’s released to date. “I began falling in love with the idea that someone was falling in love with me, but I ultimately realized it was all in my head.”

“In Our Element” captures that sense of wide-eyed desire and swelling passion crashing cruelly to Earth within its pedal steel guitar tones and Teague’s warm, lilting vocals. Bridging the gap between ’90s indie rock and the current wave of women saving country music, the track is a true harbinger of hope for the singer’s debut full-length, expected this year on Muscle Beach Records. Listen to “In Our Element” below.

Teague is hitting the road for tour dates in the immediate future, including a March 8 show in Los Angeles at Gold Diggers and a series of shows in Austin, Texas, for SXSW March 12-16. 


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