PREMIERE: Baker Grace Reveals Anti-Feels Anthem “Numb”

The New Jersey native puts a fresh spin on turn of the century pop tones.  

Baker Grace has had enough. Like for real for real.

Such are the vibes emanating from her sparkling new single, “Numb.” This bubbly pop confection captures a moment when someone is so totally and completely over it that they simply feel…nothing.

It might seem like a harsh sentiment wrapped in such a catchy track, but that juxtaposition suits the eighteen-year-old singer from New Jersey just fine.

“It’s about putting your own well-being over egotistical drama,” Grace explains about “Numb,” the latest salvo from her upcoming debut EP, Girl, I Know, set for release on May 17. It’s a concept record with five tracks that “correspond to the five days of the working week, each embodying a distinct mindset and mood.” “Numb” represents Tuesday.

Inspired to make music at the tender age of fourteen, Grace has already dealt with the machinations of the industry, releasing a project under the moniker of Bitter’s Kiss when she was sixteen.

Now she’s back with her own take on modern pop, inspired by a disparate variety of artists ranging from Carole King to Tupac.

“I want people to come away with the confidence to really trust themselves, and realize that everyone else in the world goes through the same things they do,” she shares. “Of course you’re alone in the decisions you have to make in life—but so is everyone, so in that way, there’s a strong sense of community. I’d love to help people feel that through my music.”

Baker Grace is set to make her live debut at San Francisco’s Popscene on April 5th. Watch the video for “Numb” below.


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