FLOOD EXCLUSIVE: Wallows Open Up on New Song “Sidelines”

Dylan, Cole, and Braeden share handwritten song lyrics and a behind-the-scenes video.

For the second in this exclusive three-part series, FLOOD has teamed up with LA’s own Wallows, one of the city’s most intriguing new bands that’s on the verge of breaking out in a major way. We’re checking in with the guys every week or so between now and the release of their debut album at the end of March. Hop on board now before they’re an “overnight sensation” and headlining huge shows around the world.

Wallows are a band on the verge.

In about two weeks’ time, the group will release their debut album, Nothing Happens, on March 22. In the meantime, they’re sharing songs and videos to get fans excited and generate interest around the event.

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It’s a huge moment for any new band. Wallows are no exception. Today, they have generously shared the handwritten lyrics to the latest song from the album, “Sidelines.” It arrives with a behind-the-scenes look at the song being created in the studio, with Cole Preston laying down some keyboard licks while wearing a very snazzy Arctic Monkeys sweatshirt from the band’s show at LA’s Hollywood Forever cemetery. Watch it below.

“It started one day when I was randomly listening to Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator,” Braeden Lemasters shared during a phone call earlier this week. “I don’t know why it inspired me to make that riff. That was the first germ of it. I showed the guys and they were super down. We let it linger, and it went through a lot of different stages. The verse melodies were more inspired by ’70s pop. There’s something about it that makes it feel like a Backstreet Boys melody, which I think is pretty cool.”

The Backstreet Boys in the 1970s? We’re here for it. 

“Lyrically, it was inspired by an ex-girlfriend or whatever, like leaving someone and seeing them move on and being super not down about that, as you know,” Braeden added cryptically. “I’ve researched your life since the last time we spoke.” See the handwritten lyrics to the song below.

Dylan Minnette chimes in about the first time he heard Braedon play the riff, and the guys spiral off into something of a sidebar as they compare notes to how the various pieces of “Sidelines” came together. It’s all in fun and good-natured, and an interesting glimpse into the how the trio communicates. There is a reference to “Paul McCartney styled horns” as they talk.

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“We always knew it was a very important song to us,” Dylan revealed. “We thought it was super catchy and we liked that it was the poppiest sounding thing that we had. It just felt different. It’s been an important song to this band for a while now. 

With the song’s new lyric video also arriving (watch it above), talk turned to the possibility of the guys eventually making an “official” video to follow. When that lead to discussion of testing songs, “focus tracks,” and other industry jargon, the turn in conversation begged the question: do the guys in Wallows enjoy this part of the process? There is an extended pause before they respond.

“I’m just excited to get these songs out in general, so I’m not too concerned with how they roll out,” Cole admitted. “But it’s fun to experiment, just to see people’s reactions. I think the main excitement comes from when we play these songs live.”

“We wanted to make sure that it wasn’t some long, drawn out album release,” Dylan added. “I saw a band announce back in February an album that’s coming out in July. That just sounds like the biggest disaster ever. I like that we’ve been allowed to do all of this—from the album announcement to the release—in just six weeks. For a group our size, that’s really short. It keeps things really exciting for everyone, including us.” FL


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