PREMIERE: Disasterpeace Shares “Dracula’s Code” from “Under the Silver Lake” Soundtrack

The collaboration with director David Robert Mitchell follows their 2014 horror partnership on It Follows.

Have you guys heard of this cool new production company called A24? They’ve released most of your favorite movies from the past five years or so, and probably many of your favorite soundtracks.

The latest of which comes from Disasterpeace, who first caught our attention with his Carpenter-esque score for David Robert Mitchell’s safe-sex PSA It Follows in 2014. Now the composer born Rich Vreeland is re-entering the spotlight with another DRM collab, this summer’s highly anticipated neo-noir/comedy Under the Silver Lake, starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough.

In the same way the Hollywood sheen of Silver Lake seems quite the pivot from the niche ’80s-horror aesthetic of his previous film, Vreeland’s score feels more broadly cinematic, employing a full orchestra rather than ambient synths.

Today, we’re sharing a track from the new film entitled “Dracula’s Code,” a slow-building piece diluting Vreeland’s synths with brass and strings. It’s a tense number, which we can only assume scores a tense scene.

“In ‘Dracula’s Code,’ noir stylings take a backseat to puzzle-solving music,” Vreeland confirms, “the sort you might find in a very different type of movie. It’s the beginning of a new thematic thread in the film, weaving a dark lattice of pattern-heavy score that seeks to confirm the revelation of hidden messages in everyday objects. Nods to classic video game music and to the film’s song of the summer, ‘Turning Teeth,’ fill out the tapestry.”

Under the Silver Lake hits theaters April 19 in Los Angeles and New York, before expanding to additional markets. The soundtrack drops the same day via double-LP vinyl, CD, and digital outlets on Milan Records.


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