PREMIERE: Kelly Finnigan and The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Are Ready to “Impeach the President”

The 1973 funk sample classic gets revived to protest you-know-who in the White House.  

Even if you don’t know the song, you know the song.

In January of 1973, a group of high school kids in Jamaica, Queens, recorded a handful of tracks under the guidance of producer Roy C, including the topical “Impeach the President.”

Built on an airtight groove of funky drums, bass, guitar, and horns, the song that called for the impeachment of then-President Nixon never hit the Billboard charts. It did, however, go on to become a coveted recording for pioneering DJs, thanks in large part to the influence of the legendary Afrika Bambaataa.

As the track gained notoriety among producers, the song’s signature break would be sampled again and again on early hip-hop tracks. Over the years, “Impeach the President” has been sampled by almost seven hundred tunes to date.

Bay Area indie soul artist Kelly Finnigan has united with San Diego based outfit The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble to produce a 2019 version of “Impeach the President,” which is as topical now as it was in 1973, given the current situation in our White House.

This new version is a faithful rendition of the original classic, right down to the iconic opening drum beat. The singer’s soaring and passionate vocal delivery is an ideal narration of the seriously funky track laid down by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble. Listen to it below.

“The timing of our cover of The Honey Drippers classic is pretty perfect in my opinion,” Finnigan shared via email. “Just as the timing of the original in 1973 was essential and necessary. What’s been going for the last 2 plus years in this country is disturbing in a lot of ways and I’m proud to be a part of this record and the message in the music.”

Finnigan, who fronts Bay Area soul band Monophonics, is preparing to release his debut solo album, The Tales People Tell, on April 26. The record will arrive via Ohio’s Colemine Records, a label that’s been coined “the Daptone of the Midwest.”

He’ll support the release with a string of intimate shows, including a special release day show at The Mint in Los Angeles on April 26.


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