TRISHES Gets Freudian on “Money”

The Trinidad-born musician has strong feelings about cryptocurrency and its potential to someday level the societal playing field.

In the wise words of renowned philosophers the Wu-Tang Clan, “Cash rules everything around me.”

“Without money, we wouldn’t have been able to make significant social and scientific advances. We would still be stocking up bushels of corn to trade for wool and stuff like that,” TRISHES says in regards to her booming single, “Money,” via press release. It’s found on her recent EGO EP, which is described as a mixed media collection based on the Freudian ego, diving into the five human elements developed to separate our species from our primal drives: government, money, self-awareness, creativity, and language.

“But money also makes it possible for one man to have more property and wealth than he could ever use or need, while another man is begging me to buy him chicken nuggets on Hollywood Boulevard,” Trishes adds. “It’s really bizarre.”

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The Trinidadian-born and San Diego–based singer arrived Stateside at the age of seven, when she began making music in earnest. Going on to study at the Berklee College of Music, her singular sound blends trip-hop aesthetics with pop hooks, all driven by a fierce and pointed intellectualism. It comes together beautifully on “Money,” which pairs a rumbling and ominous beat to the singer’s lyrical analysis.

My goal was to write through a sociological lens with genuine heart, draw parallels between history and current events, and pull from emotion and experience, to extract what is consistently, and inherently, human,” TRISHES explains in regards to her most recent work by way of an email exchange.

“For me, it was a way to process everything happening in the world. It’s easy to feel disheartened, but to think about it in the context of the entire human timeline was helpful for me. I hope it makes people question often unquestioned societal constructs and can be cathartic for people, too. I hope it spurs conversation. I’m really just looking for people to talk to about ideas.”

TRISHES has strong feelings about cryptocurrency, and its potential to someday level the societal playing field.

“I think the rise of cryptocurrency is making more people aware that our financial systems are something that we choose to participate in, maybe not individually, but collectively,” she mused. “Right now, it’s a system that’s oppressing the same majority whose participation is necessary in upholding it. Even if based in our current system, cryptocurrency opens up people’s eyes to the possibility that we can choose to be a part of a different system that may work better for us as a whole.”

“Money” comes with a striking music video directed by Danny Drysdale, renowned for his work with The Killers (“Human,” “The World We Live In”). The clip is an homage to the transformational work of French performance artist Olivier de Sagazan. Watch it below. FL


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