PREMIERE: Bad Sounds Deliver “Suspiria” Soul on “How Are You Gonna Lose?”

The track injects genuine R&B vibes into Bad Sounds’ panoramic pop, lush with Motown horns and crisp, falsetto vocals.  

This is hardly a British invasion. More like a little bit of UK seduction.

Led by brothers Callum and Ewan Merrett, Bad Sounds’ 2018 full-length debut, Get Better, made a splash on that side of the pond with explosive live shows and genre-blurring singles such as “Are You High?” and “Wages.”

Now, the group is on the verge of hitting American shores with a series of dates supporting Broods, and Bad Sounds are delivering a brand new music video for the track “How Are You Gonna Lose?”

“We have a real soft spot for budget horror and kung fu movies. You can see a recurring style in all our videos and influences in our music, too,” the band shared in a press statement. “The inspiration for the video came from watching Dario Argento’s Suspiria and falling in love with its aesthetic. It’s a classic case of style over substance, but it’s done so well that it’s easy to forgive. The sets and lighting are so bold and in your face that it really feels like it’s set somewhere other than ‘real life.’ It seems to us that people are most creative when they have less to work with, and we find ourselves personally drawn to simple ideas that are done with style and care. We wanted to create something very simple and to show who we are, performing as individuals, shot in one take on 16mm film.”

“How Are You Gonna Lose?” injects some serious soul into Bad Sounds’ panoramic pop, lush with Motown horns and crisp, falsetto vocals. The visually arresting video bathes the band in red, as the camera slowly pans around their performance. Watch it below.


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