PREMIERE: Blushing Are Shoegazers in Love on “Dream Merchants”

Two Austin couples come together to make beautiful dream pop.

Leave it to the guys to crash the party.

Originally, Christina Carmona and Michelle Soto had visions of Blushing being an all-women rock band. When they couldn’t find the right pieces to round out the group, they both remembered that they had significant others and put them to work.

The young Austin outfit has crafted a self-titled debut album that’s set for release this summer, although an official drop date for the ten-track collection has yet to be revealed. 

For “Dream Merchants,” the second advance tune from the album, Blushing has crafted a music video based on a vivid dream.

“The video concept came about because Christina had a dream about a dear friend who passed away. In the dream, he was telling her to go to New Orleans,” the band revealed via email. “A month later, we were planning our trip back from Athens, Georgia, where we were playing Athens Pop Fest and realized we would be driving back through New Orleans. She decided she should get a tarot reading while there because of the significant coincidence. Unfortunately, the tarot reading wasn’t able to happen, but it did inspire the lyrics she sings during the bridge and the music video, where we see her get a reading.”

The track is a rush of guitars and the angelic vocals of Carmona and Sot0 set over a galloping storm of bass and drums. The clip captures Blushing performing the tune as psychedelic projections flicker across the band’s faces. Watch it below.


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