The Coachella 2019 Weekend Two Live Stream Is Going to Be Very Different

The festivities will be shown over a single channel, including prerecorded segments from around the world.

Coachella fans eager to cozy up on the couch and tune in to the festival live stream (a.k.a. Couch-ella) are in for a very different experience than they got with Coachella Weekend One.

Where the first weekend live stream broadcast a number of acts across three channels, the upcoming second weekend stream is whittled down to a single channel. That’s not the only update: instead of just showing live performances, concert sets will be interspersed with a new prerecorded video series, “Coachella Curated.”

These five-minute YouTube clips follow Coachella founder Paul Tollett around the world as he connects with various artists on the bill. Among the featured acts will be Tame Impala in Australia and BLACKPINK in South Korea.

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“There’ve been a lot of artists we’ve had over the year that have really great stories,” Tollett told Billboard of the video series. “Most people just see a name on the poster and don’t know what incredible lengths people will go to for music.”

Still, fans can catch sets from marquee headliners including Ariana Grande and Tame Impala, with more acts to be announced in the very near future.


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