WATCH: Panda Bear Shares Infectious New Music Video For “Boys Latin”

No, really, like literally diseased.

This morning—at 1:08 a.m. on Adult Swim, to be precise—Panda Bear premiered the music video for “Boys Latin,” the catchy second single from the upcoming album Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. Directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, the animated video is a colorful trip to a tide pool where everything is psychedelic and cute, but also might kill you.

It should be noted that if you’re still recovering from the disorientation of the Trainspotting-esque video for “Mr Noah,” this new clip is much more relaxed. That is, unless you’re a hypochondriac, in which case this might be worse.

Just in time for flu season, huh? Check out the ill clip below.

Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper is out January 13 via Domino.


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