WATCH: Jaden Smith and Al Gore Talk Climate Change

The politico and the pop activist convened onstage at Summit LA18 to consider ways to save the planet.

Al Gore knows all about climate change. With the release of his 2006 doc An Inconvenient Truth, the former U.S. Vice President took the harsh realities of global warming to the masses. Now, with the situation hitting critical mass, the politico has connected with an avid environmentalist from a younger generation: Jaden Smith.

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With Smith making a concerted effort to get clean water to people in need via his JUST Water project (since even continental U.S. cities like Flint, MI, are still without it), the unlikely duo convened onstage at Summit LA18 last November to talk about the dire realities of climate change, and the ways we can come together to save the planet before it’s too late. Gore began the talk by telling Smith he was inspired by his efforts, rolling right into the environmental “rebellion” inspired by An Inconvenient Truth.

Watch their conversation in a just-released video from Summit below, and check out Summit’s 2019 lineup here, including appearances by A$AP Rocky, Grandmaster Flash, and Preservation Hall Jazz Band.


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