WATCH: Are Bon Iver Opening a Restaurant or Releasing an Album?

The video teases potential new music, and its basically ASMR.

Justin Vernon and co. have released a coy teaser for something titled “Sincerity Is Forever in Season”—which makes sense, because what band conveys tentative, fragile authenticity more boldly than Bon Iver

The video is ASMR-like in its soothing capabilities, akin to the opening credits of Twin Peaks or a Joe Pera segment. Over clips from some of Bon Iver’s best-loved songs—which change as the seasonal images progress—we see the four times of year go by: a wolf dashes through snow in winter, buds bloom in spring, storm clouds gather in a summer sky, and sunshine filters through a yellow autumn wood. 

An unseen man’s rumbly tone narrates, and a final tagline instructs us vaguely to “Keep it Restaurant.” No idea what this might signify, though the name of Bon Iver’s label Jagjaguwar shows up too, so this could mean anything from a delicious new eatery to a perfume (following in Jónsi’s footsteps) to a new album. The latter seems most likely.

Watch the seasons pass below.


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