PREMIERE: Local Natives Side Project Chewing Releases “Night” Off “POB EP”

The new EP from Nik Ewing is one of dark and ambient electronica.

In 2018, Nik Ewing of Local Natives put out his debut LP under the solo moniker Chewing; Pacific Ocean Blue was a full-album cover of Dennis Wilson’s 1977 record of the same name, and Ewing’s version was released exclusively on vinyl via Turntable Kitchen’s SOUNDS DELICIOUS subscription series.

Tomorrow, the moonlighting visual artist Ewing releases an electronic follow-up entitled POB EP, an instrumental and ambient bunch of songs combining dark electronica and dreamy piano music—a far cry from Local Natives’ usual fare. 

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Of the album, Ewing shares: “Growing up next to the Pacific Ocean, I’ve seen my fair share of bright, beautiful, water imagery—in fact my band doesn’t shy away from our West Coast musical influences. POB is a dark portrait of loneliness and how that connects to the sad future of the ocean. Maybe about the last woman on earth or just a sad man after a breakup.”

The EP additionally soundtracks an experimental short film made with Jonathan Chu, who collaborated with Local Natives on their “Tape Dancer” music video. That film will be screened in LA and NYC art galleries this fall. 

Chewing’s POB EP comes out tomorrow. You can listen to “Night” below. 

UPDATE: Listen to the whole EP out now via Spotify.


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