PREMIERE: Blitz Vega Get Really Real with “Lost & Found”

Andy Rourke of The Smiths and Happy Mondays' Kav Sandhu premiere their band's first official single.

“For me this is the song of my life,” Blitz Vega singer KAV (a.k.a. Kav Sandhu) says about the band’s new song, “Lost & Found.” “It relates to so many things I’ve experienced and what we collectively go through. As a writer, songs often come from your subconscious; out of your dreams. I don’t set out to do things this way, it’s just how it is.”

The track is a bold blast of classic Brit-pop rock, recalling the elements that for a time made it the biggest rock sound in the world. It’s a tune built for the fields of Glastonbury and late nights down at the pub.

“Lyrics are often directly influenced by what’s on your mind; what you want to say, but what you can’t say in every-day conversation. It’s therapeutic I guess,” Sandhu mused. “All this to say is this song means a lot to us, it’s fitting that we release this as our first proper single.”

The members of Blitz Vega are both veterans of the upper echelons of the UK music scene. Sadhu was a DJ and musician who convinced Shaun Ryder to reform Happy Mondays back in 2004. With Sandhu on guitar, that particular version of the band toured around the world for years. His partner in the band is Andy Rourke, famous for being The Smiths’ bassist.

“With so much uncertainty in the world, and all the personal difficulties people are going through, things can knock you down,” Sandhu continued. “This is about saying screw it. I won’t let it take me apart. Some times shouting those words out can really help, and that’s why we put them in the chorus. It’s about capturing that moment. Sometimes you have to celebrate what you have and appreciate the moments. You have to get up and fight for what you believe in. Especially if it brings good to the world we love.”

The duo hit three different Los Angeles recording studios to properly capture the “crazy mix of emotions” they were seeking on “Lost & Found.”

“As a band, we want to dedicate this song to a friend we lost just last week, which has left us heartbroken. He was a huge part of our LA story, a true pioneer,” Sandhu shared on behalf of the group. “One of our biggest supporters, he was there from the start when we formed the band to the point where we’re recording at Abbey Road and releasing new music. This ones for you, Chris Olenik.”


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