Eddie Van Halen’s Son Shuts Down Billie Eilish Hate

Wolfgang Van Halen responded to the wild Billie Eilish vs. Van Halen debate currently raging across social media.

The debate currently raging across social media: Billie Eilish or Van Halen? The bizarre juxtaposition is the result of (who else?) Jimmy Kimmel, who asked the seventeen-year-old pop star about the music and culture that was popular the year he was her age.

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While Eilish was well aware of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, she drew a blank when it came to Huey Lewis, Cabbage Patch Kids, Run-DMC, and Van Halen. The singer’s lack of Van Halen knowledge is the one that struck a chord with people on the internet, as fans of the band went at it with Eilish fans in wake of the clip going viral.

Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halen and nephew of drummer Alex Van Halen, has emerged as a diplomatic voice of reason. The twenty-eight-year-old bassist is over ten years Eilish’s senior, but close enough to be a fan. He jumped on Twitter with some wise words in hopes of silencing the negativity once and for all.


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