The Dedicated Genius Who Brings “Bob’s Burgers” Recipes to Life Is Making a Cookbook

Now you can have your pun and eat it, too!

It takes a good recipe to make a delicious sandwich…or a quality television show. And anyone from a chef to a producer will tell you that attention to detail is the key to success. The dedication to minutia within every episode of Bob’s Burgers is one of the things that makes the experience of watching such a delight.

Principle among the show’s hilarious details is Bob’s Burger of the Day: a punderfully adventurous concoction scrawled on the restaurant’s chalkboard that, depending on the episode, can be anywhere from a main plot point to the briefest peripheral detail. Some examples include the “Kales from the Crypt” burger, the “Foot Feta-ish” burger, and the “I Know Why The Cajun Burger Sings.”

“Blue Is the Warmest Cheesebuger” / photo by Cole Bowden

For two years, intense Bob’s Burgers fan Cole Bowden has worked to bring these amusing culinary experiments to life, the results of which he has catalogued as a very successful blog called The Bob’s Burgers Experiment. Pictured above is his glorious rendition of “Blue Is the Warmest Cheeseburger.”

Yesterday, NPR announced Bowden has a Bob’s Burgers cookbook in the works. He’s working closely with the show’s creator Loren Bouchard, who will supply the book’s images. The project is reported to be in its early stages, but publisher Rizzoli has signed on.

Hopefully the book will be available to supply the masses with recipes and puns for every backyard barbecue this summer.


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