Cloud Boat, “Model of You”

cloud-boat_model-of-youCloud Boat
Model of You

As with any other electronic act breaking out of the UK, it’s difficult not to liken Cloud Boat to a more prominent counterpart like labelmate and childhood friend James Blake. That aside, Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke have crafted a set of upbeat songs that lace their personal songwriting with layers of immersive, electronic beats. The sonic landscapes are more lush and ambient than on their debut; Model of You feels more cohesive, the songs complementing each other while still offering something new. “Hideaway” is one of the standout tracks, Clarke’s soulful voice booming with every word while delicate synths and resounding drums amplify the impact from the background. It’s a cleaner album than Book of Hours, and brighter with a more confident and ambitious direction. Cloud Boat takes the listener into the depths of their emotions and comforts them in the warmth of their voices and beats.


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