WATCH: Banksy Invites You to Gaza in Satirical New Video

The secretive street artist shines a light on the condition of the Middle Eastern conflict zone

Tourism is a massive business that racks up billions of dollars each day across the globe. One of the most effective ways that places attract wealthy visitors who are ready to drop some cash on knick-knacks and overpriced meals is by commercials. While some places have star-studded ads saturating the market, other locales need a little bit of help in the pizzazz and glitz department. Thankfully for Gaza, Banksy was there to help.

Recently, the British graffiti artist traveled to the Gaza Strip to highlight the quality of life for people who live with the endless destruction every single day. He used his murals and celebrity status to put Gaza in front of the world. To complete his trip, Banksy made his own tourism video for Gaza complete with sweeping landscape shots and stereotypical slogans that are underscored by heartbreaking details about the living within the prison-like state.

(via Flavorwire)


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